Australia's largest Little Penguin colony right here on gabo island - see them every night wonder up the beach.

australian fur seals

The Australian Fur Seal has a relatively restricted distribution around the islands of Bass Strait, parts of Tasmania and southern Victoria. They can be seen hauling out (coming ashore) on islands off South Australia and areas of southern New South Wales such as Montague Island with the occasional animal appearing as far north as the mid north coast of New South Wales.You can see them in front of the light house.

Humpback whales are a baleen whale and are renowned for their spectacular behaviour.  Humpbacks will leap out of the water, roll in the air with their huge pectoral fins outstretched like wings, and crash noisily back into the water.  Humpback whales often come into the harbour at gabo.

Mutton birds

This mutton bird may not be spectacular in appearance, but it has some remarkable characteristics, including annual migration around the Pacific Ocean, and an uncannily regular lifecyle.

Each year the bulk of the colony (the beeding age birds) return to the nesting grounds on almost the same day.  Individuals return to the same nest burrow they occupied the previous year and generally mate with the same partner throughout their breeding life.


Gabo Island has a large colony of these birds.