1846 begun the works to erect a lighthouse on the island but the fund were sufficient only to excavate the foundations. The first island lighthouse was a wooden tower built in 1853; the current tower was completed in 1862. It is made from pink granite quarried from the island itself. The lighthouse is Australia's second tallest. In 1917 the light was fitted with an incandescent kerosene mantle; then was upgraded in 1935 with the mains power by diesel generator and the 1,000watt halogen  lamp producing an intensity of 900,000 candela.

The focal plane of the light is situated at 55 metres (180 ft) above sea level, the characteristic is a group of three flashes that occurs every twenty seconds. A keeper's house is occupied by a caretaker; another building may be rented for overnight stays

sunset overlooking howe range
Fur seal sunning itself
picturesque gabo island harbour