Gabo Island is situated offshore from Mallacoota on the NSW/Victorian border.  It is separated from land by a narrow channel less then a kilometre wide and can only be reached by sea or air.


Built of distinctive pink granite quarried on the island, and completed in 1862, this tall elegant lighthouse is on the south-eastern tip of the Island. It is the second tallest tower in Australia with Cape Wickham in Tasmania just 1 metre taller.


The first of 3 attempts to build the light failed, when after excavating almost 20 metres looking for a solid foundation, funds had been exhausted. Nothing further was done until a shipwreck forced the lighting of the island back into priority. A small timber tower was constructed, and the lens held in storage was lit in 1854.

Initially a 1st order fixed catadioptric light was installed, but this was changed in 1913 to a 2nd order revolving light. Electrification in the mid 1930's brought the intensity to 900,000 candelas, using a 120volt 1000 watt lamp. Converted to solar power and downgraded in 1993 the light now produces just 30,000 candelas from a small plastic lens, such a disappointment to see after climbing the 47 metre tower

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